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Our Mission

We believe that the world of people and the world of animals is the same - one shared home that needs our love and care.

Responsible pet care has been MiaZoo's mission since the company was founded in 1994. For 30 years, MiaZoo has been a wholesale distributor of a full range of pet care products for dogs, cats, fish, small and exotic animals. 

What we do

In our role as producer, we also provide our own branded solutions for pet owners with a fine selection of food, treats, consumables, cosmetics and accessories under the brand names Rolf 's Farm, anipro, CleanBox, EcoCleanBox, and KittyDream.

MiaZoo is one of the first pet companies in Bulgaria that offers access to a wholesale digital platform, where every business partner can review and compare prices, discounts, and promotions and place their orders. Digitalization and process automation are a priority for our business development.

MiaZoo is a trusted partner and exclusive representative of some of the world's leading pet products producers

Our values

Fairness: we always fair in our relations. We keep our promises – no matter whether they are official agreements or personal arrangements. Neat, accurate and on time. And we make sure that our employees share the same values  

Opennes: our plans, intentions and goals are openly shared. We discuss them with all interested parties. We value the open flow of different opinions. We discuss and seek different perspectives, when approaching a business case. Feedback runs smoothly and in all directions. Right here, right now. Because we believe that openness is honesty. It gives freedom for decisions and brings well-deserved trust. 

Environmental care: We value the gifts of Nature and so we believe that we really need to give back. At MiaZoo, sustainability is implemented in practice. That's why we choose suppliers with certified sustainability processes and products, produced with renewable energy. Our product packaging is either biodegradable and compostable, 100% recycled or recyclable. We actively reduce paper waste through digital documentationWe recycle  

We integrate environmental protection not only in our products and packaging choices, but also in environmental campaigns such as " CashON.

CashON creates incentives for our customers to return cardboard boxes from MiaZoo deliveries to pet shopsThen we reuse the boxes for next deliveries and donate the cash equivalent of EUR 0.15 for each returned and reused box to a public fund dedicated to the protection and planting of new trees.

Our team also participates in nationwide projects such as:

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